Mobile User-Friendly Landing Page

Mobile User-Friendly Landing Page

In the era of mobile devices marketing and lead generation on the digital space must address mobile access to content through in-app ads or other mobile optimized sources. Users now are more driven to content from native ads and emails on mobile native ads than from other sources. This relatively new but potential source of traffic is bigger than traditional web traffic sources and naturally for marketers this new source represents the next big horizon of opportunity.

Why are Mobile User-Friendly Landing Pages So Important?

Google’s recent algorithm update clearly states the necessity of optimizing your site for a more user friendly mobile experience. And when mobile optimization is talked about certainly engaging landing pages are not left out of this consideration. There are too many instances where websites have particularly been penalized by Google for not optimizing their landing pages for mobile users. Making landing pages look good on mobile devices is not the only way out, landing pages should be engaging by making use of the device screen size and functionalities. Optimizing landing pages for mobile is not just criteria for Google. It is actually needed to make your landing page deliver better leads for you.

Here is How Segmented and Clutter Free Landing Pages Convert

Segmentation of landing pages is not just a choice but a requirement especially for variety of mobile device users. A single landing page design cannot attract all types of users on different devices. But creating different landing pages with different look and feel addressed for different traffic sources will lead to better user engagement. Secondly, among tracking lead conversions for each type of landing page and target audience will clearly show the success factors and factors that suck.

A clutter free landing page enjoys 26% more conversion. Most users find themselves comfortable in ordering something from desktop rather than mobile. It is basically because wider screen of desktop with better readability and product view assures them that they are deciding right. Moreover, apart from screen constraints mobile pages often are slower to load making experience further worse. So, loading speed for your landing page is another important factor in tapping the mobile audience.

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